Hello friends,

Welcome back to my blog, I know it's been awhile! I've wanted to do this thing for a long time and now  that it's finally here! After disappearing for 19 months (?), I think it's time for a comeback. 

After my last post, I have planned out potential blog post ideas and everything. Unfortunately, life got in the way and maybe a little laziness as well. I'm honestly not sure why I completely dropped off the blogging world. 

A lot has happened since my last post back in July 2014. Many good things, but some less than ideal things as well. I have so much plan to try, do and experience and live keep moving forward. I want this site to be my highlight reel for whenever I feel like reviewing it. Oh, I've deleted some of my old post because I needed a fresh start. And also I change a lil bit of my blog; like blog's background , header etc. 

So we'll see, I will probably put together a 'Where Have I Been' post soon. Not making any promises of consistency or anything, but I'll be back!
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