"What is the thing you wish were good at?"

A lot of things quickly came to my mind. That's going to be a long list but I'll list down what I wish the most.

  • Music - Reading music, playing keyboard/piano, guitar and violin (?) 
  • Singing - I imagine myself singing my favorite songs and I wish I could do it in real. Because I sound like a dying bird when I sing.

  • Dancing - I love to dance but umm yeah you know whyyy...

  • Good at any kind of sports - Golf, bowling
  • Better memory and understanding
  •  Making important life decisions

  • Language - Speak English fluently. I found this girl on YouTube and I adore her accent.

  • Put on makeup? 

  • Cooking - I wish I can cook well like my mom. She makes really satisfying, homes meals, comfort foods. My mom can put her hand to anything. just named it. I have always admired the way she could throw together a meal out of nothing, or make elaborate preparation for a huge, sit down meal. And she was famous for her cooking among her friends and I can say everybody (haha) Part of the reason I started cooking is because I knew that once I moved out of the house, she wouldn't be there to make all her great stuff.

  • I'm so good at procrastinating and I wish I'm good at not to be a procrastinate.

  • Last but not least, CONTROLLING MY WISHES AND DESIRES AND SHRINK THE LIST. There's no end to human desires!

The Challenge :

day 10 - Name a few of your strengths.
day 11 - Name a few of your weaknesses.
day 12 - What was your first car? What is your current vehicle?
day 13 - What is your favorite quote or a quote that means a lot to you?
day 14 - Do you have any special talents?
day 15 - Do you have a favorite season? What is it and why?
day 16 - Show us your handwriting.
day 17 - What is your zodiac sign?
day 18 - What was the first concert you attended?
day 19 - Post a photo of you in the last item of clothing you bought.
day 20 - Where would you like to visit or live one day?
day 21 - List 5 words or phrases that make you laugh.
day 22 - What is your most prized possession and why?
day 23 - What is one thing that you are excited about?
day 24 - What book are you currently reading or what was the last book you read?
day 25 - Who is your favorite Disney character and why?
day 26 - Name 10 places you would like to visit?
day 27 - Are you messy or neat?
day 28 - What are your top 3 favorite bands?
day 29 - What are some of your fears?
day 30 - Why did you start blogging and what is the origin of your blog's name?
2 comments on "DAY 9"
  1. i truly which i can sing. that accent girl named fathia right? she's good and funny and so cute. that accent video was actually the first one i found of her's.