Instead of buying lunch every day, I packed my own lunch and brought it with me to work. I'd reheat my meal in the kitchen and eat at my desk while hoping to use the time to check my personal email or read stories of interest online.

But today, I went out for lunch with my colleague at Salata Salad Bar near to our workplace. She told me that their salads were good. They have tons of veggies to pick from. Good protein options too. Portions are huge and fast healthy meal.


I ordered Salad Wrap and made my own salad. This is what I got ;

  • Lettuce - Salata Mix, Kale and Spinach
  • Toppings - Cucumber, broccoli, red onion, radish, cabbage and corn
  • Other - Chopped egg
  • Dressing - Classic Caesar
  • Protein - Spicy chipotle
  • Bread - Baked pita strips
All of it costs like $10 and its worth it! And the taste is awesome!

4 comments on "MAKE YOUR OWN SALAD"
  1. I know right! That was my first time, I just hentam keromo mix it up and it turn out super delicious! XD