Where Have I been?

Howdy y'all !

As I mentioned in my comeback post 2 days ago, I'm going to post about this entry. So, I'll make everything clear on what I've been doing up to now. 

I've been busy with my study last time for 1 year and 4 months internship. I was so busy back then that I have no time for blogging. Other than that :

  • I didn't have a great weekends because of the assignments which is mean most of the time I was trapped in the house with the assignments.
  • I rarely spend time with my family like I couldn't join family outing or any family event.
  • I rarely watch TV because most of the time I'm in my bedroom, 
  • I didn't have time to keep in touch with old friends and my other family, and
  • I didn't have time for myself either !
So my basically my routine is like this;
  • I went to college every Monday to Friday from 7.30 - 5pm.
  • Home; complete the house chores, shower and dinner then fulfiling responsibilities as a student
  • On Saturday sometimes I'll go to college with friends for study group and sometimes help out lecturers for their short courses.
  • And SUNDAY ! I'm at home doing my assignment for WHOLE DAY !
That's my routine for 1 year ( 3 semesters) After that, 4 months internship in construction company as a Accountant.

Those are my friends in college. Well, some of them.

Some of my colleague :)

After finished everything on November 2015 then I back to my hometown and stay with grandparents for a month. Spent time with them and other friend. try to catch up what I've left behind. Because after that till now, I'M HERE ! IN HOUSTON to stay with my mother !


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