Houston Flood Recovering

Finally, I got in to the office yesterday. My stepdad back home from the business trip 2 days ago. I'm glad he's home, no more home alone with my sister and no need for me to drive to office by myself since it's still flooding. Even though, the rain stop for days. After one week massive flood, Houston slowly recovering and rebuilding from flood damages. Yesterday morning, we took almost an hour to get to the office. Dang, the traffics were terribly busy! It's going to be like this more than a week (I think) because some places are still flooded. The Eldridge Parkway that I usually use to go office also closed.

It didn't move at all. Thanks to Waze app, we get rid of traffic, it brought us to the neighborhood driveway. And we saw lots of flood damages there. 
Damage household item in front of a home. They cleaned up their homes, tears out board, sheetrock, remove the soaked carpet. It's a shame! A lot of people lost their home, property damages, and become homeless.
But it such a great feeling that the power and solidarity of Houstonians community, coming out to together to help each other's out. Regular people left the comfort of their home to help others in a time of need.
Hopefully,  the city gets back to normal in a couple more days.

FOOD REVIEW | Korean Foods

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Before the flash flood strike, I went to the Asian Market (H Mart Korean Market) with my sister to get something for our tummy. I'm so lazy to drive that time and it's going to rain soon but  my sister been craving Korean food for days. It's quite far from our house, 20 - 30 minutes drive.
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Inside the H-Mart, there are several places that serve variety of hot bowl dishes and soups that come to either rice or noodle. Out of all the restaurants in H-Mart, I frequently order at Bibijo Express. This place known for their hot stone bowl soups. There is a variety soup available but my favorite is the Korean beef tofu soup. I ordered Hot Stone Grilled Bulgogi instead that day.
Around 5 minutes wait for my dish and it was so hot, I have to wait 2 or 3 minutes. Kidding, I didn't wait for it to cool down and I just eat it right away because I'm so damn hungry. Because of that, I burned my tongue xD The price range around $8-$10, can't beat that!
Two days after that day, I went to 99 Ranch Market with my Aunty and her husband and my sister for grocery. Other place for Korean Food! I may not a fan of K-Pop or whatsoever, but I'm a fan of their foods. So yum! This time, we choose Yori-Yori restaurant.
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I ordered Korean Hot Stone Bowl Bibimbap. And again I burned my tongue because I'm so into it and forgot it is hot xD (Makan sampai licin)

Ps : Dang, I'm hungry and craving for this now!

Movie That Emotionally Destroyed You? | Bridge to Terabithia

Have you ever watched a movie that decimates your heart? Movie that emotionally destroyed you? You get sad and empty after watching it. You're left red-eyed and breathless. It is not because they are sad, but they creep into the crevice of your psyche, it makes you think about it for the whole day and it will live in your heart forever. It inevitably causes you to go into reflection mode and reliving the moments that made you want to kill yourself. I believe that everyone has one or two movies that makes you feel that way.
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So, I watched 'Bridge to Terabithia' with my sister yesterday. It's a good movie, although some of it confuses me. 'Bridge to Terabithia' is a fantasy/adventure, kids/family and science fiction type of genre movie. Movie about friendship, family and the power of imagination. It's not a typical fantasy movie like Narnia, there are no talking lions or magic kingdoms. It shows us the world through the eyes of these kids, we see what they're imagining in their heads as if it's real when they start imagining their own fantastical world of Terabithia. It's based on the Katherine Patterson novel of the same name.
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It's about the Life of Jesse (Josh Hutcherson) who is sharing concern and money problems with his family, having trouble at school with bullies and had no friends. It changes when he befriends Leslie (Anna Sophia Robb), the outsider class and they begin to come really close. They create an imaginary world called Terabithia, deep in their backyard forest which is inhabited by all manner of magical creatures and spend their time together in an abandon tree house. Only accessible by swinging on an old rope over the river to their enchanted spot.
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  Leslie teaches Jess to open his mind to every possibility and leave reality behind. Though difficulties fill their ordinary life, both of them rule as king and queen in Terabithia. Until the day the rope snaps and she falls to her death. That day, Jess was invited by his adored music trip to an art museum and he didn't ask Leslie to come along  because he wants the teacher himself. . Leslie tries to cross to Terabithia on her own, but the rope broke and she drowned in the creek. Jess denies it all point-blank, accusing his father of lying to him and runs to his bedroom. He has difficulty accepting the reality of what has happened and the next morning appears to have forgotten. At the end of the movie, he builds a bridge over a creek into Terabithia and brings his sister across the bridge, tells her she's Terabithia's new princess.

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The ending of this movie absolutely heart wrenching. I really started crying when Leslie died, as Jess completely shock throughout his friends is dead. It reminds me of myself when I lost my best friend back on 3 years ago. Other relatives called to inform me about her accident and I'm just like Jess, refuses to accept what has happened and accuse them of lying too, I thought they just joking around. It takes a few people to convince me then I just started to cry and walk back home from Viva Mall crying. I remember there are lot of people looking at me and wondered what happened. At home, I just locked myself in my bedroom and cry out loud as I can till I fall asleep. I make myself believe that she's still alive until I saw people post about her on Facebook and then started to cry again. Cry over and over again. Because of it, I didn't go to college and work almost a week. I stayed at home, locked myself in the bedroom crying. Frustrated that I couldn't back to Sabah for her funeral and she was buried on my birthday. Friends on Facebook wished birthday at the same time feel sorry to celebrate birthday at the time of grief. They keep telling me to be strong. Well, until now sometimes I'll try to make myself believe that she's still here when I miss her. Missing someone and not being able to see them is the worst feeling ever.

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Historic Flashflood Houston

Some of my friends told me that Malaysia is currently burning hot, 30 - 35 degrees Celsius is it? Well, while in Houston is in the midst of an unbelievable deluge since Sunday evening. It started to rain on Sunday evening after I'm home from Asian Market. At first, I did not expect that the weather gets worse because I thought it's just a normal heavy rain.


My skin is my biggest insecurity since my teenage years. I might have combination to oily skin type. Sometimes my face can be oil greasy skin, sometimes my skin feels tight and sometimes my T-Zone tends shine but the skin the rest of my face is dry/normal. But my big concern here is my acne.

I have acne since I was a teenager but it was kind of mild back then so I didn't really give a damn of it. I'm kind of love hate relationship with pimples because it come and go. The good thing is I never had massive acne, just mild pimples, prone to blackheads and whiteheads. Pimples usually pop out  around my forehead and between my brows only.

DAY 22 - DAY 30

"Day 22 - What is your most prized possession and why?"

That will be my family. especially my mom. They remind me of who I am, open my eyes to what's possible when all I can see is what impossible. They are a possession I keep within myself, in my heart as I move throughout everyday. My mother is my idol. I have heard many people say "Oh, you look like your mother". She is warm to anyone to join her in her adventure with no judgement.At the end of the day, she is the most important thing in the world to me.


DAY 10 - DAY 21 (PART 2)

"Day 16 - Show us your handwriting"

DAY10 - DAY 21 (PART 1)

Howdy y'all!

Haven't post anything for a week huh. I went to Dallas 4 days for vacation ( I'm going to post about this later) and told you guys that I'll be back after that but I didn't. Oh man, I was so busy last week, so many things to do. (Really?) So back to 30-day challenge. I'll do day 10 - day 21.