DAY 22 - DAY 30

"Day 22 - What is your most prized possession and why?"

That will be my family. especially my mom. They remind me of who I am, open my eyes to what's possible when all I can see is what impossible. They are a possession I keep within myself, in my heart as I move throughout everyday. My mother is my idol. I have heard many people say "Oh, you look like your mother". She is warm to anyone to join her in her adventure with no judgement.At the end of the day, she is the most important thing in the world to me.

"Day 23 - What is one thing that you are excited about?"

Everything. My future. and for now, I really excited for summer vacation. We'll going to Yellowstone National Park. There's a lot of things/activities that we can do with family. Adventure with family, rafting and paddling, take a hike in Yellowstone, experience the Gran Canyon of the Yellowstone, watch Geysers Erupt and see giant colorful hot spring, see wild animal in their natural habitat; bear. And we'll have our trip by RV (yeay) What else you could wish for?

"Day 24 - What book are you currently reading or what was the last book you read?"

I'm not currently reading any book. It's been awhile and I can't remember what was the last book I read. Bible perhaps?

"Day 25 - Who is your favorite Disney Character and why?"

Mulan. She is not like typical Disney Princess. She is strong and independent woman. Hey, she saved her country!

"Day 26 - Name 10 places you would like to visit?"

  1. All around of United State America
  2. Japan, especially Tokyo
  3. Paris,, France
  4. Amsterdam
  5. Italy
  6. South Korea, especially Seoul. I may not a fan of K-Pop or whatever but I'd love to experience life in Korea and learn about their culture. Besides, it's a unique country I guess :)
  7. Great Wall China
  8. Philippine. They have many islands, wonderful beaches. And Songkran Festival sounds fun too :)
  9. Australia.
  10. All around of United Kingdom

"Day 27 - Are you messy or neat?

I would like to say both. I can be neat, but when I'm so busy or procrastinate strike, i can be messier than you think XD

"Day 28 - What are your top 3 favorite bands?" 

I don't really have any favorite bands actually. But used to love;

  • Westlife
  • Backstreet Boys
  • Paramore
Oh oh, Pentatonix kind of like my favorite !

"Day 29 - What are some of your fears?"

  • Snake
  • Worm
  • Cockroach
  • Driving - I get so nervous everytime I'm driving. And I'm new driver here in USA which is different from Malaysia. Even in Malaysia I did not drive that much. 
"Day 30 - Why did you start blogging and what is the origin behind your blog's name?"

Back then, most of my friends active blogging. I love to read their stories and their blog amazed me. This blog is my diary where I can express all my emotions because it is little bit hard to express in real life. And I love to share my random thoughts and knowledge as much as possible. I used to love share about my life by posting on Facebook or Twitter and Wechat. Till then, I realized that people get pissed off sometimes when they opened their social media, scrolled all the way down, and only see your posts like every 5 minutes or an hour. People get bored and think, "Do you have to post and tell the world about your story life?". I know because I feel the same too. 

As for the origin of the blog's name, 'Miss Young Lady', it is sort of lame. There is no secret meaning behind it, the day I create this blog, I thought of myself as a young lady. Well, I'm still young lady now :)

Yeay, finally I'm done with 30 days challenge. Means I have to find other topic to post here :)

The Challenge :

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