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Before the flash flood strike, I went to the Asian Market (H Mart Korean Market) with my sister to get something for our tummy. I'm so lazy to drive that time and it's going to rain soon but  my sister been craving Korean food for days. It's quite far from our house, 20 - 30 minutes drive.
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Inside the H-Mart, there are several places that serve variety of hot bowl dishes and soups that come to either rice or noodle. Out of all the restaurants in H-Mart, I frequently order at Bibijo Express. This place known for their hot stone bowl soups. There is a variety soup available but my favorite is the Korean beef tofu soup. I ordered Hot Stone Grilled Bulgogi instead that day.
Around 5 minutes wait for my dish and it was so hot, I have to wait 2 or 3 minutes. Kidding, I didn't wait for it to cool down and I just eat it right away because I'm so damn hungry. Because of that, I burned my tongue xD The price range around $8-$10, can't beat that!
Two days after that day, I went to 99 Ranch Market with my Aunty and her husband and my sister for grocery. Other place for Korean Food! I may not a fan of K-Pop or whatsoever, but I'm a fan of their foods. So yum! This time, we choose Yori-Yori restaurant.
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I ordered Korean Hot Stone Bowl Bibimbap. And again I burned my tongue because I'm so into it and forgot it is hot xD (Makan sampai licin)

Ps : Dang, I'm hungry and craving for this now!
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  1. sedapnyaaaa i'm having cravings!

    1. I know right! I couldn't sleep now thinking about korean food xD

  2. my saliva is running now... hahha