Lazy Saturday | Things I bought

*inhale, take a deep breath* What a nice day today. No more rain, no more thunderstorm. Sunny day with a little bit windy, just a perfect weather for the weekend xD Usually every Saturday, I'll go to church with one of my mom's friend but today, we can't make it to church because her son use their car. So here I am, staying at home with mommy that just back from Malaysia (she's still jetlag), stepdad and stepbrother and my sister. But, hey I'm alone in the living room.
While I'm wasting my time in front of desktop (?) computer (?) and watching TV (multitasking, huh), suddenly my stepdad asked me about Mother's Day tomorrow, what should we do for mommy. Then, he suggest me go to the Hallmark store and get a card or something for mummy while she's still sleeping.
I went to Hallmark store with my sister and took almost an hour to choose cards and gift for mommy.
Here all the items that I bought and some free items I got just now. I actually should get the card and a gift for mommy but end up bought something for my self too. *ada duit lebih sikit dah lupa diri*
  • Mother's Day card - It tooks more than 20 minutes to choose a card that I like. There are more than hundreds cards choices. All of them are so pretty for me. I feels like I want all the cards xD but I have to choose one because I had 1 mom only xD I love the words inside the card, they're perfectly fit what I wanted to say, I'm so bad at put words together ( y'all know what I'm trying to say?). This card cost only $5.99
  • Chalk Sign Mom Favorite - it tooks me sometime too, to pick up a gift and yes I'm suck at giving people something / gift (well,, I'm kinda an awkward person). I don't know how many times I go around and around and around on the store trying to find the best gif for mommy. And the end, this is what I got (sorry mom). I bought this for $11.99.
Aha, I bought this for me. I might be old enough for these coloring stuffs but I don't care xD I bought the coloring book and colored pencils so I can do the activity whenever I'm bored and it is stress relieving. New hobby I guess, which is mean I'm gonna bring it wherever I go and I need to change my handbag to backpack (?) hmmm. The coloring book and colored pencils costs $7.99 and $ 4.99. The prices are not bad though :)
Look at these peaceful paisleys design. Aren't they beautiful? Can't wait to get started :) Who do stuff like this nowadays, anyway?
I got those coloring cards for free because of the coloring book I guess. And the Save 40% reward, definitely gonna use it on June for my sister, ha :D

Till then folks :)

6 comments on "Lazy Saturday | Things I bought"
  1. Ehh I saw my blog! ;D have a nice day claudy! :)

    1. Eh kedapatan xD hee have a nice day too Fatina :)

  2. kenapa lah takde hallmark shop kat malaysia T.T

  3. takde rasanya, mcm tak pernah nampak haha

    1. It's quite famous here. Kelmarin pegi, banyak orang since that today is Mother's Day. Harap2 kat Malaysia nanti akan ada Hallmark store :)