Last February, my stepdad had a business meeting in San Antonio, Texas. So we took a chance to go for a short trip and spent a night at Embassy Suites by Hilton San Antonio Riverwalk-Downtown. The road trip took three hours from Houston. We arrived there around 1 o'clock, straight to the hotel and dropped our luggage. Then, we walk around the city before had our lunch.
The view from our room
After lunch, we went to The Alamo Mission, also known as The Mission San Antonio de Valero. The Alamo was originally a  church and became the site of a battle between Mexico and the Republic of Texas in 1836. Photography was prohibited inside the Alamo, so our photos are limited to the outside.
One of the main attractions in San Antonio is the Riverwalk. It was located very close to The Alamo area. There are restaurants and shops set up all along the river., one story beneath the street of Downtown San Antonia, Texas, USA. I really enjoyed the view of the Riverwalk. So, we had our lunch and dinner around the Riverwalk.

My not so little sister volunteering herself to be my unprofessional model
PS: I would and could walking around for the whole day and every day along the Riverwalk because the view is so breathtaking.
At night, we went to Ripley's Believe It or Not! It's only me and my sister and the tickets to get in quite expensive though. But we got the 3 Way Combo Tickets ($28.99), means we can do three things; Ripley's Odditorium ($20.99), 4D Moving Theater ($20.99),  and Louis Tussaud Wax ($20.99). But at that night, we manage to explore the Ripley's Odditorium only and continue the next day.

The young Justin Bieber
 I took this picture randomly, didn't know it could turn out like this xD
The guy hanging really scared ou of me to be honest

Oh, there's a big mirror inside and next to it, there's a video asked you if you can make a silly face from the video. So, I did, I did it repeatedly. After awhile, we continue to walk around suddenly there's a guy smiling at me and say that I'm funny and I should go at the back. And I was like "What are talking about? Who are you". We followed him to the back and there are lots of people. As soon as they saw me, everybody laughing at me while pointing at something. Guess what. The mirror that I play around before, it's a two-way mirror. As soon as I know what's going on, my face turned red. It's so embarrassing yet I laughed so hard too. Then, I joined them to watched other people doing the same thing as I did xD

We had so much fun inside. We even play around with other people that we don't even know after the mirror embarrassing moment. I still can't get over about it until now though. We are happy kids after all that time. And that was it! That's how we end our day that time :)

P/s :I prefer to upload all these pictures with my sister on it because it looks good and on point. I'm quite disappointed with my almost all my pictures, my sister is not so helpful.
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  1. wow, what a trip! you guys visited lotsa cool places...that I'm going jelly over here lol
    love yr blog <3

    1. Kind of. We just menyibuk dgn stepdad here and there xD Not need to be jelly, you'll get the chance to visit those cool places someday xD

  2. claudy have you tried choosing the original size for your photos in post editor instead of small or medium or extra large etc etc?

    1. Nope, whenever I upload my photos, I choose small or medium instead of the original size.

  3. try original size. who knows it might solve the problem :)

    1. Done! Yeay, problem solved. Thanks Erin :D

  4. I wish I can go there one day!
    btw, u r pretty as always, wink ^_o

    1. I believe that you'll get the chance :) awh thank you. same goes to you :*