The next day, we woke up early and had our breakfast in hotel. Then, we back to the place that we went the night before. But this time, we entered the Louis Tussaud's Waxworks. We experienced near to life replicas of stars such as Marilyn Monroe, Jennifer Lopez alongside movie legends like Harry Potter and Twilight. There ae more than 200 figures inside and hey there's Obama the President of USA too xD. So this entry will full with lots of photos :)
Will Smith :)
Leonardo Decaprio
Twilight cast; Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewert and Taylor Lautner
Iron Man cast on the left; Robert Downer Jr. and my sister holding a trophy (?)

Night at the Museum; Ben Stiller
Sylvester Stallone

The President of United States America, Barack Obama

Walter Elias "Walt Disney

This replicas kind of scary to be honest
Sleeping Beauty (?)

Johnny Depp
Marilyn Monroe
The Haryy Potter casts and trying so hard to be one of them xD

King of Pop, Micheal Jackson. Before and AfterPrince William and Kate MiddletonFrom the first Oscar's winner 1992The Haunted House.
I'm quite disappointed with my sister that time because I really want to go inside the haunted house but she didn't want to go. It's too scary though. Scarier than I ever been to haunted house in Malaysia. We did go inside for only 5 minutes and it's only at the entrance haha. Then, get out from there.
You can hear how scared we are on this video. End of this video means we're ready to get out from there xD. Since that we're to scared, we just sit outside waiting for other people to come and go inside together. But seems like nobody dare to go xD and we heard other people before us screaming, out loud, inside the haunted house.

I found the video above from here and I was like, Thanks God I didn't go inside. It's hella scary. I'm so glad.
Before we end of the tour, me and my sister joined other people to 4D Moving Theater and had fun too :) After that, we back to the hotel and packing our stuff then check out. The end.
2 comments on "SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS | LAST DAY"
  1. oh god, even myself I won't dare to enter the haunted house, it looks like quite eerie in there. I might end up going to scream in the whole journey! hahaha :D

    1. I know right! This one is 3 times scarier than in Malaysia. Even just in entrance, my hearts pounding fast. Thought my heart gonna explode xD