First Day of Summer 2016

Hi, guys!

Just a quick update! I realized that I rarely update my blog recently. It's not because I'm a busy person. Well to be honest, I do have plenty time to update my blog but y'know, writer's block. I'd love to write but I never have ideas that stand out to me as something that I'd like to write and I'm so not good with words. It's making me really frustrated and makes me feel like I should quit writing. Okay, that's that. Let's proceed to main topic.

So today is the first official day of summer, also known as the Summer Solstice. Yep, summer's finally here! HAPPY  LONGEST AMOUNT OF DAYLIGHT DAY! Thanks to Facebook for letting me know about this. But I'm still confused though because some websites say tomorrow, June 21st is the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year. The official date of the first day of summer varies depending on the country's climate I guess.

Don't get confused with the "Longest day of the year". The day is still 24 hours, it's the hours of daylight that are the longest. Almost 15 hours of daylight. That's what I read from other websites.
The sun rises at 6:13 a.m. here on the summer solstice and sets at 9:08 p.m. That's 14 hours and 55 minutes of daylight to enjoy! - source
It's hot and humid here and I feels like I'm in Malaysia right now. Is Houston hotter than Malaysia? I don't know which is hotter but I can tell you it's REALLy hot here. At least, in Malaysia, it's not that hot and humid in the morning. The highest temperature can be reached for now up to 107 Fahrenheit.
That's what I've heard.

Other than humidity and hot weather, people loves summer because SUMMER MEANS VACATION!
Traveling and explore new places and relaxing in the pool on a floating lounge chair enjoying cold lemonade.
It's time to take all the sundresses out, sandals, sunglasses, short pants etc. Getting the tanned skin. Well, I don't need a tanned skin because I already had a tanned skin haha. Anyway, I'll be inside of the building most of the time though.

It's a beautiful day isn't :)

It's 08:43 PM

PS: I've been thinking about my blog's name. Miss Young Lady kind of childish for me right now, so I wanted to change it but I still don't have ideas yet. Hmmmm


Today I decided to do a "Room Tour". Actually, I planned to write about this before the "What's on My Bedroom Bedside Table" post but when I look around my bedroom, goshh my mom is going to be mad if she sees my bedroom. Then last 2 days I manage to clean up my room and took some pictures. Doing this post was a great motivator to tidy my room and seeing all this clear spacer is a relief.

So, welcome to my life! This is the view when you first walk into the space. Without further due, let's get started.

Here we have a shot of my bed. I have 9 pillows; 3 red pillows at the back, 2 white pillows in the middle, 2 white with floral prints pillow and two small pillows with red and white color. Red duvet with the quilt (?) at the end of the bed. I always have an issues with my bed when I'm running late, too much works to tidy this bed (Ya'll feel me?). Above my bed, there are speakers with random picture in the middle and those aren't real by the way. Next to the bedside table on the right side, there's a chair with a turtle (bought it from Sabah). And bedside table one the left, nothing much on that table, I barely use it because I usually sleep on the right side ( I never sleep on the left side by the way).

There's a roses in a floral vase and it's fake roses too. Two chairs with small table next to the window. It's kind of my relaxed section. Sometimes during those long sleepless night and I just sit there and stare out to the window. Kidding XD It's just for decoration purpose. A single sofa on the left and again, decoration purpose. Hmmm to many chairs in my room and I never use them.

Here's a closer look. As you can see, I never sit around here. I put my towels on the chair, easy for me to grab it . Other chair, I put Ten Commandments Poster. Those box and hand luggage, I should put them in the attic.

All my bag on this sofa. The white bag is not mine actually. Borrowed it from my mom but I never give it back to her XD (I'll give you back someday mom) On the top of the sofa, a cowboy hat (?), company cap I guess and neck massagers ( Christmas gift from my mom).

And there is my two door wardrobe. On top of the shelf, I put all my jeans, pants, T- shirt, sweaters and pajamas. All my dresses, working clothes and "go-to clothes", jackets and blazers on hanging clothes. I actually already take out half of my clothes and store in the attic yet my clothes still about to burst. Underneath the hanging clothes, I put my all my shoes, boots and heels :)

At the other side of my room, I have my stand mirror and dressing table where I put all my beauty products. Underneath of the dressing table has my hair stuff like a straightener, hair dryers and curling irons.  

Those are my beauty stuff that I rarely used but I keep buying them. On top of chest are my skincare products, lotions, hair spray, perfume, lip balms that I just bought three days ago and my mom's mirror hehehe. Drawer to the left there's my watch, clips and whatnot.  Drawer to the right, my lipsticks, lip glosses, lip tint and lip balms. On top of that, there a stand for my hair ties, bracelets and hair bands. Last drawers, there are makeup tools on the left; mascaras, eyeliners, brow liners and powders on the middle; eyeshadow palettes and blusher on the right :)

There you go! My little bedroom. :)