22 years old

I 'm not Taylor Swift fan but this is practically the first song I come to when I turn 22.
We're happy, free, confused, and lonely at the same time. It's miserable and magical. - Taylor Swift
Yes! You're right Tay-Tay! Couldn't agree more.

22 has finally rolled around. I officially turned 22 years old last two weeks, Sept 18. I have been alive for 2.2 decades, and life has taught me so many things. When I was eighteen, I couldn't wait to be twenties, I couldn't wait to be an adult because of the thought of that prized freedom. You are free to do what you want with your life. But that can be quite responsibility, to live your life the way you want to, not the way you are expected to. Now, I'm hoping that I could turn back time. Soon, I'm going to move to an apartment and live by myself. Ahhh the bills, taxes, grocery, car, rent, fuel etc T.T Welcome to the real life my stepdad said to me.

For my 22nd birthday, I went dinner with my sister and my parents. Yes, no big birthday party as I used to have which is okay. I don't really feel the need to celebrate my birthday like before, and I don't know why. Too old for that perhaps? I celebrate my birthday three times, by the way. First, the day before my birthday. That time I went to my mom's friend's daughter birthday, and when they know my birthday is the next day, my mom's friend want to celebrate together with her daughter (aww so nice of you Auntie Fanella). 
Second, on my birthday, having dinner with my family. And third time is the next day after my birthday which is on Monday. My supervisor suddenly asked me to come to her office and there they are. My colleagues were there ready to celebrate my birthday. I felt so awkward and that time I'm having a fever. So I just smile awkwardly haha. (Thank you anyway :))

Even though I'm now 22 years old, some people always tend to ask me these questions, 'Studying in high school?' or 'Do you have a driving license?'.  And sometimes they'll say, 'You're 22?No way, you look so young' or 'You're so tiny, I thought you're around 16 - 19 years old. There's an incident happen to me that I can't forget until now. The day after I bought my car, I went to Mc Donald to get some breakfast. Just before I get into my car, there's an police officer stopped me. and here's the conversation;

Police officer : Excuse me miss. May I ask you something?
Me : Sure.
Police officer : Are you studying in high school?
Me : No. sir. I'm not. 
Police office : How old you?
Me : Oh, I'm 22 sir. Why?
Police officer : Oh nothing. I just want to know because you look so young and tiny. Doesn't look like 22. Nice car by the way. New car?
Me : Hahaha (laugh awkwardly) Thank you. Yes, I just bought it yesterday.
Police officer : Oh congratulation for your new car miss. Have a nice day.
Me : Thank sir. You too have a nice day.

So, I drove back home after that and told my parents right away about that incident. They just laugh out loud. My stepdad especially, he really likes it when people asking me that kind of question and get those reactions. I do like it too. Back to my birthday. For my birthday, mommy and stepdad gave a birthday card and Marshalls gift card (yay, shopping!), my sister gave me a birthday card too and a plant (?) So last Sunday, my sister and I went to 3 places to shopping. Shopping all day and spend the gift card that my parents gave to me ( I actually overspend so I need to pay cash a little bit hehehe) So here's what I bought and literally I spend around $150 ( $100 gift card and I add $50)

So, hello 22. Another year closer getting old. Despite what everyone says, older does mean wiser, you just have to use that knowledge and only look to the past if you are trying to be better for your future.

That's it. Sorry for the long post hehe. Have a nice day everyone :)

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HIATUS | Too Much Going On

Hey folks, how are you guys doing today?

'It's been a while' feels like an understatement and been using that words for so many times. I know I have been on somewhat of a hiatus recently. It wasn't planned. It just happened and consciously decide on it because a lot has happened over the summer. And, I wanted to apologize to Aisya that I completely forgot to reply her messages. I wish I could help you more with your assignment :(

As I mentioned above, a bunch of stuff happened since my last post. Are you guys ready to listen to my list of endless reasoning as to why I've been gone for a while? xD

#1 - Some of you might already know about this but yeah, we moved into our new house. At first, I was so excited that we're moving to a new home because I never experienced how it feels like. And now, I hope that was the first and last because it's a pain in the arse. We've been back and forth from old house to the new house for a month (lucky the new house only across the street). Load and unload all the furniture by ourselves (younger sister, mom, and dad including me), we had to get all of our utilities hooked up, and trying to learn all of the quirks that come with the new house. Well, we did it! I love it here :)

#2 - Work. Even though I'm busy helping my family move into our new house, I still need to go to work. In the office, a lot of things came up too. My senior asked help for his task above. Then suddenly he wants me to make 700 notepads (20 pages each) with company logo and the event logo printed on notepads. I was so confused at that time because I never learn that kind of stuff and I never work at a printing company. Why not just order it to any printing company. Nevertheless, I manage to help him. After I designed the notepads, thenI have to run 14,000 copies of it. No, I'm not done yet. I still need to make it 20 pages for each notepad. While I'm busy helping him, more and more of my work getting piled up. It's so tiring. Working from 8 am to 4.30 pm then straight back to the old house load and unload my car with our stuff. That's my routine every day for a month.

#3 - Personal. As you guys can see above, I had a list to do. I need to settle for my driving lesson, going back to Malaysia for my convocation and I need to complete the benefits enrollment, etc. Yes, I'm going back to Malaysia for two weeks next month (yeay!) I'm so excited that I'm going home but at the same time I don't want to go for some reason. I tried not to let anyone know that I'm going back to Malaysia, but well it's hard to keep it secret. And people started to text me then ask for souvenir or 'hey, balik Malaysia nanti boleh belanja makan lah ni?'. I hate that people being kind to me because of they need something from me. In fact, I can't afford to buy or treat everybody.  Okay, I should stop.  

That's it for now. Not sure if people still read or visit my blog but thanks for reading anyway :)