Uppercase Box & Owlcrate Box | February's Subscriptions Box

This month, I decided to try two different book subscription box; OwlCrate Box, and Uppercase Box. This is my second month as an OwlCrate subscriber and my first time as a Uppercase subscriber. Unlike OwlCrate, Uppercase doesn't have a theme for every month, so you can't expect what book or goodies that you will get. It's totally a mystery box. Uppercase also has two different types of boxes. One is an 'Expert Box' (23 USD) and 'Book Exclusive Plan' (13.99 USD). With the cheaper box, you won't get any goodies from what I understand. And, unfortunately at this time, Uppercase does not ship outside the US and Canada. So, without further ado, let's get down to business.

First, let's take a look at this month's OwlCrate Box. The theme was 'Run Away with the Circus'.

What I receive in February's OwlCrate Box:

  • A beautiful red tote bag inspired by Night Circus and created by Evie Bookish exclusively for OwlCrate. ( I wish I get the black tote bag tho)
  • Le Cirque des Reves candle from FrostBeard Studio. A blend of caramel popcorn, roasted chestnuts, and bonfire fragrances. (Ahhhhh, I'm so in love with this candle. I love scented candle and more collection for me)
  • Mini doughnut lip balm from Geek Fire Labs
  • An awesome little notepad made from recycled casino playing card from Attic Journals
  • Fun sticky page flags with circus themed from Girl of All Work
  • OwlCrate Circus theme pin
  • Caraval (Hardcover) by Stephanie Garber, which includes a signed bookplate, a beautifully designed quote card, a sneak peak of the audio book, and a letter from Stephanie.
I was so excited for Owlcrate to arrive, especially when they hinted that items from Evie Bookish and FrostBeard Studio would be included. And of course, I'm excited about the book as well as all the Owlcrate member know what book we will get this month. I may be a little bit disappointed with the Owlcrate Box last month, but this month I was very satisfied with it!

Now, on to Uppercase Box. 

Technically, Uppercase isn't a subscription "box" because its contents are in this cute cloth bag, which is shipped in a USPS padded envelope. So, it's more of a subscription "bag". And here's what I received in February's Uppercase "Box":

  • A loose tea of Pride & Peppermint tea with bookmark from NovelTeaTins 
  • A key necklace to 221B (Sherlock's apartment)
  • Valentine Card from Epic Reads
  • I <3 YA Laptop Sticker from Epic Reads
  • Bookmark of codes for special reading experience and exclusive content 
  • By Your Side by Kasie West (Uppercase Hardcover Edition) - SIGNED
I really love their exclusive bag design for this month, perfect for Valentine's season. It's really cute! And, I love all the goodies that I get. The key necklace is adorable, and I love the tea (though, I'm not sure when I am going to drink it because I grow up drink with tea bag lol). Since February is the Month of Love, I was expecting the book will be a contemporary and romance book. And I love the fact that the book comes with signed on it. I have yet read any Kasie West's book, but I heard good things about her other book. I can't wait to dig into it and this book will be in my March TBR list :)

All in all, both boxes were equally fun to get and exciting to open. With OwlCrate, the price seem to be fair for all to get especially if you are really into all the great goodies, while Uppercase more to the book. Well, it's a toss up! I can't choose which box I want to continue to subscribe. I di enjoy the boxes enough to give it another shot lol. So, next month, it looks like I will be trying out both boxes again before I make a final decision about which one to continue subscribing to.

Which ones do you like best? Let me know what you think! :)

5 comments on "Uppercase Box & Owlcrate Box | February's Subscriptions Box"
  1. Claudy!!! It's Caraval and By Your Side!!!! OMG!!! 😍😍😍

    1. I know! This month dua2 buku best from both boxes! :D

  2. Caraval. never know about by your side. bahahaha. ketinggalan zaman sebentar. must be romance books. key fine. :p mcm mo try subscribe OG next month, ada brim kan. bahaha.

  3. I'm still on the fence whether to subscribe Owlcrate or Fairy Loot so I re-read your post for a lot of time and I still left undecided lol. The tote bag from OwlCrate is gorgeous but the bookish merchs from Fairy Loot is beautiful too so I'm just ugh! should I just subscribe to both.

    1. I say subscribe the FairyLoot. I guess Fairy Loot is much better than Owlcrate. I like more goodies in Fairy Loot to be honest, and i only like a fee of items in Owlcrate but the price though. And it is more expensive than Owlcrate. Maybe you can subscribe both for this month and see which one you like the most :D