About Me

I've been holding back on making this page because the thought of making this makes me cringe. I mean, I don't even know if people gonna read this. Because who am I? I ain't famous. ha. Okay, let's get to know me better.

  • KNOWN AS : Claudia, Claudy 
  • FROM : Sabah, Malaysia
  • CURRENT LOCATION : Houston, Texas USA
  • LANGUAGE : Malay, English, Native Language (Dusun & Iban)
When did I start blogging: 
  • I started blogging since 2013 and active for a few months, began to slow down since I started my college life, and I didn't write at all in 2015
  • Old entries were so awful, childish, stupid and I need a fresh start makes me wanted to delete it all.
What encourage me to first blogging :
  • I found blogging kind of interesting and felt amazed when I stalked my friend's blog back then. 
  • They share their compelling story, their life, random thoughts and their blogs makes me more excited to join this site.
What's my blog about:
  • I usually write about my life, my activities and family, which is the main reason for the birth of this blog.
  • Also, I would like to share the knowledge as much as possible with all my readers.
Thank you for those who are willing to visit, read and drop some comments on my entries. And don't forget to leave your footprint a.k.a link so I can come to visit your blog. :)
7 comments on "About Me"
  1. Rush Caulledia , so nice name !

    1. Thankyou! But sadly, I'm going to change my name soon ;(

    2. may i know why u must change ur name ?

    3. Its easier for me i guess. You can read on my entry, why . http://missclaudy94.blogspot.com/2016/03/day-2.html?m=1. :)

  2. Hi dear .

    Wow , you staying in Texas ? Study or belajar dear ?


    1. Hi :) Yes, I'm staying here with my parents. Kerja buat masa ni. hihi

  3. I always dream to live in USA. Love to go to Miami, shopping at New York, stay at Beverly Hills and OMG I started membebel. Muahaha. Love to read your blog, C. And nice to meet you (in blogging world). Keep writing. I am your silent reader :P